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Tail and Headlight Buying Guide: Choose Only the Best for Your Truck



Tail and Headlight Buying Guide: Choose Only the Best for Your Truck


Lighting systems have come a long way over the past few decades. Gone are the days when the only option for better lighting involved illuminating your highlights. Technology has advanced this important vehicle system to make your driving experience better and safer. We want to make sure you understand all the highs and lows of lighting so you can make an informed decision about the best replacement lighting for your ride. When it comes to the world of bulbs, enclosures, and halos, it's easy to get lost in the dark. Let us light the way for you with this informative shopping guide for lights.














































































Off-road benefits of headlight and taillight bulbs

Highways, major roads and even most side streets are lit to improve visibility. But when you're in the backcountry at night, all you have is moonlight. This is nowhere near enough lighting to see the road ahead. Headlights or taillights on off-road vehicles are substandard due to hazards such as tree roots, boulders and even wildlife. Upgrading your lights and bulbs ensures you can handle any future issues.


Different Types of Lights for Your Truck

The headlights are available in two different styles: crystal lamps and projection lamps. Crystal headlights, also known as reflectors, are the OEM version on most trucks. They used light bulbs and mirrors inside steel bowls to reflect the bald head's beam. Projector styles use lenses to produce a bright, evenly dispersed beam of light. At the same time, LED taillights are becoming more common, and for good reason - visibility, efficiency and longer lifespan.


best headlight bulbs

Many retailers offer both halogen and LED headlight bulbs. Switching to higher-performance bulbs can improve the brightness and reliability of the lamps. LED bulbs are popular for their energy-efficient lighting, durability, and ease of replacement.


best tail light bulbs

LED taillights are standard on most newer vehicles. With this in mind, you have many replacement bulbs to choose from. Uses less energy and lasts up to 50,000 hours.


High-quality headlights and taillights are essential to any off-road vehicle. An impressive range of lights and bulbs that fit your truck specifications and provide the visibility and performance you want.


Simple Installation Introduction

I can provide a complete installation introduction if you need


Step 1

Open the trunk, remove the corresponding snaps, open the sound insulation cotton, loosen the 3 nuts in the picture above, unplug the connector, and remove the original flat lamp.


Step 2

Pull out the light in the direction of the buckle, unplug the connector, remove the original car bend light, install the new flat light on the car, lock the 3 nuts, and insert the connector.


Step 3

Run the cable along the trunk arm (secure with tape or zip ties) and through the bend light sealing plug to connect to the new bend light.


Step 4

Connect the black box, cable, blue plug box (corresponding to the positive and negative poles), connect the blue box, gray box (corresponding to the positive and negative poles).



Exquisite appearance


New tail lights for cars have been developed that give a much more refined appearance than the traditional designs. The new lights are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and to fit better with the overall look of the car. They are also said to be more efficient and to provide better illumination.


Car special


Tail lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual car.


High Brightness


Using premium LEDs and resistors/capacity built in to prevent error code on dashboard or hyper flash .

All positions including reverse lamp , brake light , turn signal , running light are better than OEM